Legislators should allow doctors to treat the sick

Friday, June 19, 2015

Doctors want to prescribe medicine that Iowa legislators are blocking because of the legislators' grossly irresponsible adherence to medically ignorant attitudes.

In Minnesota, as of July 1, eight state-regulated dispensaries will provide cannabis oil. A health care practitioner must certify that a patient has one of nine qualifying conditions including cancer and epilepsy.

The oil, which has only trace amounts of the intoxicant contained in recreational marijuana, is the safest or the only effective treatment for certain conditions, particularly childhood epilepsy.

Iowa passed a limited medical marijuana bill last year, but that legislation didn't provide any legal way to get the cannabis oil. This year, the Iowa Senate passed an expanded bill but it never saw action in the GOP-controlled House.

Some legislators fear that allowing the use of medicine derived from marijuana will lead the state down the path toward legalized recreational marijuana.

The end of the prohibition of recreational marijuana may indeed be the future direction of the country, but the recreational and medical uses of marijuana are two separate issues, since the medicinal oil has no value as an intoxicant.

Perhaps parents with suffering children should move to Minnesota, where attitudes are not so backwards.