Why not normalize relations with Cuba?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Cuba may or may not move toward democracy when the octogenarian Castro brothers die.

That is a matter of importance to the people of Cuba, but has little impact in the United States.

Cuba has not posed a threat to our national security for about five decades.

They aren't a democracy and don't respect the rights we take for granted in our country but that is true of most countries.

Even many of the Cuban refugees, who were once the most adamant defenders of our policy of diplomatic and economic sanctions, are now realizing that those sanctions do nothing other than keep the refugees from reconnecting to long-estranged relatives.

President Obama's decision to normalize relations makes sense. Policy hawks such as Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz and Rick Perry oppose normalization, seemingly just because Obama supports it.

They argue that Cuba is an oppressive dictatorship. Really guys? We don't have diplomatic relations with oppressive dictatorships? Since when has that been policy?