U.S. supports and opposes itself

Monday, August 3, 2015

Once again, our entanglement in the Mideast has made us work toward serving our interests while advancing efforts to undermine our interests.

Turkey significantly escalated its involvement in Syria's civil war by carrying out airstrikes against ISIS targets in Syria and announcing that it would allow American military aircraft targeting the terrorist group to fly sorties out of Turkey.

With the combined efforts of the U.S. and Turkey potentially alleviating the threat of ISIS to Turkey, Turkey no longer needs to tolerate an armed Kurdish faction on its border as a buffer against ISIS.

On July 24, Turkish war planes launched airstrikes against the camps of the Kurdistan Workers' Party, our most reliable ally in the region other than Israel. The attack ended a truce between the Ankara government and the Kurdish militants that has largely held since 2013.

Our alliance with Turkey is as counterproductive as our alliance with Saudi Arabia, a country that is outwardly friendly to the U.S. but spreads venom against America for internal consumption.

The Saudi government did not directly finance the 9/11 attacks against the U.S., but Saudi oil wealth did finance that attack and the Saudi government has done nothing to change that environment.

Decades of inept and destabilizing U.S. military activity in the Mideast would be amusing if it wasn't so disgusting.