NLRB made good decision

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The National Labor Relations Board recently dismissed a union election petition from Northwestern University football players, halting a union's push to organize college athletes. The board, however, did not rule on whether the football players are employees of the university under federal labor law, leaving the door open for the union to try again.

College athletes should be treated as students rather than professionals. They should be part of a school's entire sports program, which should make sports competition available to students of both sexes and to students across a broad range of skill levels participating in a broad range of sports, including those that do not generate revenue.

For those who have the skill and desire to be professional athletes, they should do that. The loss to college sports would not actually be missed that much. The only way most spectators can evaluate the skill of individual players is how well they do against opponents.

The more evenly matched the teams are, the more entertaining the events become. College athletic organizations should require a degree of consistency in academic standards for athletes at colleges that compete against each other.

Coaching salaries should be capped at something less than a professor of medicine or at least below a college dean's salary.