Imaginative approach to reading

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

A Dubuque barber, Courtney Holmes, recently participated in an event for kids heading back to school. The barber got several children's books being given away and offered free haircuts to kids who would read a book to him while he cut their hair. For those who couldn't read, Holmes helped the children figure out the words in the book.

Excited kids lined up for the chance to read books to the barber while he gave them haircuts.

The event was reported in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald, and word spread across the country about the barber's free haircuts for elementary kids who read to him. Holmes' employer, Spark Family Hair Salon, is considering making this one time event into a monthly service.

We commend Holmes for his initiative. Something that we should note, rather than thinking of reading to an adult as a chore, children are excited for the opportunity to read one-on-one to an adult.