A long race

Friday, October 2, 2015

Our elections in the United States often feel as if we are watching a football game instead of choosing a leader.

We cheer on our "team" and bash opponents with disparaging remarks, often in good fun, but from time to time those disagreements get serious quickly.

Because of those moments, occasionally, we should remind ourselves that the election is still more than a year away.

That means the vast majority of current Presidential hopefuls will never take part in a political campaign during the summer of 2016. Only a select few will see that part of the season, the playoffs.

We believe that reminder is necessary because the rhetoric leading up to an election this size can often get out of hand.

During this current election cycle, outlandish statements have already reached unbelievable heights. We have heard several people say they will be moving to Canada if a candidate they dislike happens to be elected.

Throughout the years, so many people have made that claim, and we can't seem to remember one who followed through. But maybe next year we will see a large migration north, after all, anything seems possible at this point.

However, with more than 400 days to go until the next election, maybe we should save some of those statements for the interesting political season that seems to be inevitable. Because no matter which Presidential candidate you are hoping will win on super Tuesday, it's only preseason and it's anybody's game.

We have a long race ahead of us and it seems a little early to start applying for Canadian citizenship. After all, many of our past Presidents seemed very unlikely to make it to office during this part of their campaign.

So lets all relax a little. Turn on the big screen, fill your coolers and prepare for a great season.