Abdication of responsibility

Monday, October 19, 2015

President Obama has announced that he is sending more troops back into Afghanistan to suppress the resurgent Taliban.

We now appear to be enmeshed in perpetual war on two fronts. Individual members of Congress, especially members of the opposition party, may criticize Obama's conduct of foreign policy, but Congress as a body has not even had floor discussion regarding the conduct of war in the Mideast in the last several years, even after Obama invited such discussion.

The founding fathers gave authority to the President to conduct wars as the Commander in Chief, but the authority to wage war was given to Congress.

The last declaration of war by Congress was America's entrance into World War II in 1941. Since then, the President has been given increasing authority to unilaterally take military action.

In the nuclear age, the President has to have the ability to immediately respond to attacks, but Congress can and should assume oversight for prolonged military engagements.