Most peculiar

Friday, October 30, 2015

We pause and wonder, yet cast no aspersions, on the mysterious timing of this week's's report from the World Health Organization (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer that processed red meat can cause cancer.

Red meat.

For countless years, we've been told that the chemicals used in meat processing can cause cancer for some. That includes bacon, ham, hotdogs, sausage, and various cold cuts - basically the staples of most American and other countries' diets.

So we simply question, Why today is there this "new found" revelation that processed red meats can cause cancer?

Who funded the study? Is there an agenda involved here? Is there a motive here to balance the protein playing field after the "white meat" poultry industry was economically devastated by the tragic bird flu epidemic this past spring and summer that precipitated the deaths of millions upon million of chickens and turkeys, and caused millions of people to swear off eating poultry ever again?

And with the bountiful Thanksgiving Holiday shortly upon us - the absolute "Super Bowl" of turkeydom - won't this red meat scare help convince consumers to disdain red meat on the table in favor of rekindling the Thanksgiving turkey love we've known since the Pilgrims hit Plymouth Rock?

Just red meat? The WHO? Deadly cancer? Thanksgiving turkey?

Why surely we scoff. Don't we?