Obama criticizes legitimate concerns

Monday, November 23, 2015

Political candidates are exploiting exaggerated fears of refugees entering the country among refugees. The planned 10,000 refugees will be thoroughly vetted in a process that lasts over a year. All or most of the terrorists in the

However, to say that there is no cause for concern whatsoever would be inaccurate. President Obama's ridicule of Republicans who express concerns appears to be an overreaction to an overreaction.

When Obama ridicules Republicans for being afraid of 3 year -olds, he is engaging in the same kind of low rhetorical tactics as the worst of the fear mongering Muslim baiting. The accusation that the Republicans are afraid of debate moderators, not only is Obama engaging in a non-sequitur, he is ignoring the fact that the debate moderators during the CNBC sponsored Republican debate did a really bad job.

Everybody needs to elevate the level of discussion on the issue of refugees.