Birther question needs addressed

Monday, November 30, 2015

Some conservatives have expressed belief that Barack Obama is unqualified to serve as president because he was born in Kenya and numerous others have asserted that such a possibility was a legitimate issue to explore.

The constitution requires that a citizen be a "natural born citizen," which adherents to the "Obama was born in Kenya" group say means that someone born outside of the U.S. is prohibited from holding that office.

Conservatives didn't raise this issue against Republican presidential candidate John McCain who was born in Panama. An argument that the Canal Zone was part of the United States rather than just leased by the U.S. would have been a dubious argument but McCain's place of birth didn't become an issue that needed an argument.

Back when George Romney was running for the Republican nomination for president in 1968, the fact that he was born in Mexico didn't seem to be an issue.

Now Canadian born Ted Cruz is surging among conservatives, presumably some of the same conservatives who used the totally fabricated allegation of Kenyan birth to challenge Obama's legitimacy to serve as president.

Why is it OK for a Republican to be born outside of the U.S. but not OK for a Democrat?