Covering the candidates

Friday, January 22, 2016

In order to be fair in covering political candidates, we have set some ground rules that apply to all of the candidates for state or national office.

A news article about a campaign appearance in Cherokee County is written about positions of candidates as presented without slanting the coverage. A news article is distinct from commentary on this page which does, in fact, reflect the opinion of the author.

A candidate must appear in Cherokee County to be covered as news by the Chronicle Times. Although we cover sports and community events in towns outside of Cherokee County, to be consistent in how politicians are covered, we simply draw the line at the county border.

A candidate gets only one front page article in each election cycle prior to a primary, or in the case of a presidential candidate, prior to the caucus. In the case of a candidate whose appearance in the county was already covered through a front page article and who returns to the county, a photo will be taken of the appearance but no article will be written.

That is why there is only a photo and caption in this issue for the appearance of Mike Huckabee in Cherokee on Wednesday, while there is a photo, caption and article on Rick Santorum's appearance that same day in this issue.

There was a front page article on Mike Huckabee in the July 6, 2015, edition of the Chronicle Times.

Although we don't have a new front page article on Huckabee, we will point out here that a commendable position shared by both Huckabee and Santorum that most other Republican candidates don't share is their support for the Renewable Fuel Standard. We have to concur with Huckabee's assertion that if an opponent of the RFS wins the Iowa caucus, that battle will likely be lost.