Trump uses vets as props

Monday, February 1, 2016

Donald Trump has a history of displaying phony concern for veterans to promote himself.

On Sept. 15, 2015, Trump spoke during a campaign event hosted by Veterans for a Strong America, an organization that apparently had only one member, Joel Arends, who has subsequently had his tax exempt status revoked.

After Fox News refused to change its format for the Jan. 29 Republican debate to meet Trump's demands, Trump organized a competing event ostensibly to raise money for veterans' groups. Initially, the Wounded Warrior Project was going to be a beneficiary of the event, but questions have just surfaced regarding questionable spending practices by the executives of the organization.

Other veteran groups said no thanks to Trump's fund raising efforts, concluding correctly that Trump was trying to use veterans as props in his narcissistic self-promotion.

Trump believes that he has had the military experience in every way since he attended a military school in his youth. He believes that prisoners of war are not heroes, considering them losers who got caught.

Trump doesn't care about veterans. He doesn't care about anybody but himself.