And now there are four

Friday, March 4, 2016

Ben Carson is the latest Republican presidential candidate to indicate that he will no longer compete for the nomination. The retired neurosurgeon realistically acknowledged there is "no path forward."

Should John Kasich, governor of Ohio, make the same conclusion about his distant fourth place candidacy?

Perhaps not.

The only two scenarios in the Republican contest now is the most probable one - that Donald Trump secures the nomination prior to the Republican National Convention - and the less probable possibility that no one wins the nomination on the first ballot at the national convention.

That latter scenario has not happened since 1948 in the Republican Party and not since 1952 in either party.

If no one wins after multiple ballots, the eventual compromise is likely to be a peace maker like Kasich rather than the others who have created bad feelings against each other.

There is no way delegates would turn to someone like Carson to unite the party.