Is knowledge enough?

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sometimes Donald Trump shows a total lack of knowledge when asked about an important details regarding national defense or foreign policy. For example, when asked about the country's aging infrastructure for delivering nuclear weapons to targets, Trump answered, "We need somebody absolutely that we can trust, who is totally responsible, who really knows what he or she is doing. That is so powerful and so important."

That is Trump's answer for everything,"We need somebody who knows what he or she is doing," meaning whatever advisor Trump has in place for a particular issue.

Assuming that Trump surrounds himself with intelligent and knowledgeable advisors (an assumption made as an hypothesis, not an evidence-based conclusion), there will likely be disagreements among these intelligent advisors which would need to be resolved by a knowledgeable president.

Hillary Clinton could certainly expound on the condition of the nation's nuclear triad and many other aspects of the operation of our military and our foreign policy.

However, having knowledge does not serve anybody well when knowledge doesn't prevent somebody from making the same stupid mistakes over and over again.