Keep the pressure on Tyson

Friday, May 27, 2016

The strong language directed at the representative of Tyson Foods at the May 24 Cherokee City Council meeting was appropriate. Tyson Foods is interfering with efforts to encourage a food processing company moving into the now abandoned building.

Tyson does not own the Cherokee facility, but rather they have a long-term lease from the out-of-state owner that doesn't expire until July 2020. Tyson will not release the lease to any company that competes with Tyson.

This is an unreasonable position. City and county officials, as well as economic development activists, need to keep up the pressure on Tyson - and not just on the public relations person who Tyson designates to take the flak.

Company executives need to be made aware that they risk undermining their image, not just in Cherokee but also regionally and nationally.