There's no villain in gorilla death

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

On May 28 at the Cincinnati Zoo, a 3-year-old boy went under a rail, through wires and over a moat wall to get into the enclosure. Zookeepers shot and killed a rare silverback gorilla in order to on save the boy. Outraged animal lovers have protested that the gorilla looked to be protective of the boy rather than threatening, but Cincinnati Zoo Director Thane Maynard said he stands by the decision to kill gorilla, stating that those second-guessing the decision, "don't understand silverback gorillas."

The decision was the right one if those knowing the nature of gorillas thought that the child's life was in danger.

Protestors have called for justice for the death, accusing the boy's mother of criminal negligence for failing to keep him out of the enclosure.

Even the most conscientious parent cannot absolutely prevent the possibility of a child darting into traffic, climbing out an upstairs window or committing some other dangerous act.

Certainly in hindsight, the parent will wish that the child had been prevented from that action, but the mean-spirited call for vengeance against the mother is reprehensible.