Judicial obstruction becomes grotesque

Monday, June 13, 2016

Donald Trump has challenged the objectivity of a judge hearing a case against Trump and his now defunct Trump University. Trump claims that the judge is biased because of the judge's Mexican ancestry.

When asked whether a Muslim judge would also be biased against him, Trump said he believed that would be a possibility.

As offensive as the racial and religious profiling is, Trump displayed a new level of moral unfitness by threatening the federal judge with retaliation in the event of unfavorable treatment.

For some time now, Republican senators have been holding up appointments of federal judges, including one to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, in order to reserve those appointments for a potential Republican president.

In light of Trump's behavior, that obstruction is now grotesquely inappropriate.

Senator Charles Grassley (R. Iowa), chairman of the senate judiciary committee, should put an end to the obstruction.