Is alarm over restroom use warranted?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The idea of a man using a restroom for women and girls is disturbing for many people, regardless of the gender identity of the male in the restroom.

This seems to be a matter that states should handle without interference by the federal government. All that being conceded, the safety concerns may be overblown.

Perhaps the best way to handle the matter in most cases is to ignore the restroom use when the transgender individual is discreet, although not tolerating a biologically male person in a shower or locker room designated for females where there is actual nudity. However, this latter possibility seems to be a non-existent hypothetical situation (as is a woman being in a male-only environment with nudity) and is not the focus of the debate over restroom use.

A transgender person is not likely to be a child molester and if he/she is, the preference would likely be a child of the same sex as is on the transgender person's birth certificate.

The danger of a male heterosexual child molester dressing up in drag for the opportunity to molest or even abduct a little girl seems far fetched. An impulsive act of molestation doesn't involve elaborate planning and a premeditated act would likely involve something more effective than a restroom assault or abduction.

Certainly, very young children should be supervised when they go into a public restroom. A father taking a little girl into the men's room or a mother taking a little boy into the lady's room is socially acceptable, although might be technically against policies or even laws.

Common sense is often a better guide than legal mandates.