Doggy doo Not!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Come on, people.

Like many, we were doggone appalled at the recent report emitting out of a Cherokee City Council meeting that area residents were walking/exercising their dogs at Oak Hill Cemetery and failing to clean up after their pets do what they do with their poop-de-doo.

The cemetery? Really, folks?

Now, we're all for loving and caring for our pets - especially man's best friend - but taking them out to the cemetery or a park or through your neighborhood to relieve themselves and then walking away without cleaning up their mess? Who do you think you are?

We know love is blind, but were you violators aware that cemeteries are filled with graves of our loved ones and are considered a sacred place by just about everyone but, obviously, you?

We implore dog owners using Oak Hill and any other cemetery for walking their canines to leave no stone unturned while picking up after them before faithfully departing.

And that's the straight poop.