'Chili' reception for Sioux City crime reporting

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

We were repeatedly perplexed and disheartened by the Sioux City media a few weeks ago regarding their coverage of an attempted murder/suicide in Sioux City.

For inexplicable reasons, the television, radio and newspaper reports of the crime persisted in almost making the scene of the crime the lead, rather than the tragic fact that a man shot and injured his girlfriend and then killed himself with the same gun.

The bizarre focus on the fact the crime was committed in a restaurant parking lot left us wondering just what did the parking lot or restaurant have to do with the deceased man's intentions and the carrying out of such a horrendous crime that can happen any where at any time?

It's hard telling how such questionable reporting has damaged the restaurant's coffers, let alone its image throughout Siouxland and the area.

For us, the next time we visit NW Iowa's major metro area, we plan on dining at that fine restaurant which has been clearly and very innocently victimized.

We hope you do, too.