PTA makes little 'cents'

Monday, September 26, 2016

Here we go again...

Feeling like a curmudgeon throwing yellow snow in Santa's face, we again must question the wisdom of some of those associated with education in Cherokee - this time the beloved, noble, invaluable Parent Teachers Association (PTA).

According to Cherokee Elementary Principal Valery Fuhrman in a recent Letter to the Editor, the PTA supports our students, teachers, and clasrooms with field trip costs, school celebrations, rewards, and items for teachers and classrooms.

None can deny that active, dedicated PTA members labor for free simply because they care about our youth, our school, and our community. They absolutely serve as an invaluable tool for the betterment of all concerned.

In Fuhrman's Letter to the Editor, she also praised local businesses and individuals for their cost-saving largess and contributions to a recent "Spirit Stride Fundraiser" benefitting the PTA.

It's also been pointed out to us that the PTA website is encouraging local residents to do their shopping online because a certain online business will contribute 0.5% of sales to the PTA, which equates to a lousy 50-cents for every $100 spent online.

Years ago, Roosevelt Elementary staff stuffed in our children's backpacks a flyer touting discounts and encouraging them to attend a neighboring swim facility simply because the out-of-town business asked them to (at least we hope nobody got a kick-back), never mind the fact Cherokee had just opened its new Bacon Aquatic Center swim facility on the backs of many local businesses and individual contributors.

Likewise, the beneficial Cherokee Booster Club in years past has chosen to shop at Sam's Club for items more than plentiful and competively priced in our local merchants' stores.

All too frequently, our schools solicit local businesses and individuals for donations of items and/or money to benefit a cause, and the businesses and residents almost always comply to whatever degree fits their budget and probably even when it doesn't. Check it out. Cherokee has a long and lovely history of taking care of its own.

But when incidents occur such as the PTA encouraging residents to shop online for some paltry, dangling carrot while forgetting about our loyal, local merchants, it rubs us the wrong way and it rubs us raw.

And it always leads us to the worn out phrase, "Just what were you thinking?"