Was a two-year detour necessary?

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The completion of a nine-mile section of Highway 20 between a few miles south of Galva and just north of Early, costing $45,778,318 will result in a long awaited upgrade of the highway to four lanes across the state.

The timeline has been moved up from what it was just a few years ago to a completion date sometime late in 2018. There remain other sections of the four lane highway to be completed but they will be done before the Galva to Early stretch is done.

This is great news, but the bad news is that unlike most sections that are being completed by building an additional two lanes alongside the already operating two lanes, all four lanes in this stretch will be built or rebuilt simultaneously. Starting Oct. 17, traffic will be detoured through a not very traffic friendly jog to the north of the highway for two years.

Thatís two years in which most long distance truckers and many other frequent traveler across the state will seek other routes, such as Interstate 90 and Interstate 80.

It is rather frustrating knowing there is absolutely nothing that can be done about the poor planning of this project. It does no good to complain, but then it does no good not to complain either,