No, youíre a snake in the grass

Friday, October 14, 2016

Like many of you, we were embarrassed and humiliated at the conduct of our presidential candidates during their debate Sunday night on national and global TV and online streaming.

As weíve stated here before, Americans inexplicably are faced with voting for either a fool in Republican candidate Donald Trump, or a fake in Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton.

But Sundayís TV debate took to a new low the sophomoric, moronic behavior of the two candidates, each aiming and hitting the otherís hot buttons so that the debate devolved into an elementary school-yard brouhaha that turned stomachs and crossed more lines than a cocaine addict.

Trump is an entitled, mean-spirited bully who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. The way he stalked and threatened Clinton Sunday night deserved a 911 call and law enforcement responding to cuff and stuff the fool. The venom flowed from his flared nostrils, his psychotic breathing resembling an old vacuum cleaner plugged with strands of comb-over hair fallen from a head filled with luxury, defiled women, and a sadistic ego.

Riding on her husbandís coattails, Clinton preaches what she thinks we want to hear, defends and deflects her many falsehoods, and makes us wonder - if she canít dodge Trumpís nefarious bullets, how is she equipped to handle those to be aimed at the highest office in the land by bigger and better people ?

Trump is a rattlesnake noisily announcing his presence and striking out to bite all naysayers in his path.

Clinton is a viper in the grass, deceiving those who come before her while waiting for the opportunity to strike from the safety of her lair.

They both repeat their mantras of sticking to the issues and focusing on the dangers facing our country, yet neither offer solutions while wasting time denigrating each other and their parties.

Americans vote Nov. 8 and thereís one more debate on Oct. 19.

If nobody shows up to either event, itíll be of little surprise to us.