Talk of rigged election is paranoid

Friday, October 21, 2016

An element in the election process that can be regarded as unfair is the suppression of votes in areas in which there is a high concentration of minority voters. Residents of mostly white, prosperous neighborhoods do not have to wait in lines for hours to vote.

Currently, the most vocal critics of the election process are not those who have legitimate reason to be critical of the process, but rather those spreading rumors of a potentially rigged process out of an unwillingness to accept what they anticipate the outcome to be.

These are people who are ignorant of the checks that are built into the system to prevent ballot stuffing and miscounting of ballots. These are people who do not know their local political officials, particularly their county auditors who oversee election processes.

Democracy, particularly a democracy that has existed for more than two centuries, is not the most common form of government. To claim that it is failing when it is not is irresponsible.