Focus on the real danger

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Fear and anger at ISIS currently fuels our national security focus.

Unlike other terrorist organizations, ISIS has invested much of its claim to be a beacon for Muslim extremists in the fact that it has taken and held territory.

Perhaps the attraction of ISIS will decline as a result setbacks in the territory it holds. However, there is no reason to believe that such a development will diminish the threat of Islamic terrorism against Europe and America. Many of the enemies of ISIS are eager to step into the role of primary enemy of the infidels.

We have to be alert to terrorist acts regardless of the organization that inspires it. Probably the biggest threat to America’s national security is the threat of cyber terrorism. This could originate from any number of organizations, not necessarily with ISIS. Actually, ISIS apparently does not currently have the means to carry out a cyber attack or it would have done so.

Defending ourselves against cyber-attack does not involve jet fighters, drones or American armed allies.