Reader's Choice

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

In my short time here at the library (so far), one question rises as the most frequently asked question about the library: How do we get our funding? We get most of our money from the city. They are our biggest supporters and, quite frankly, this is the best city funded library I have ever worked in. We also get money from the county. This covers classes, travel, subscriptions of all kinds, and some building care. However, the best and most important funding comes from you. The community. Whether it be through donations or memorials in honor of a loved one, my favorite part of this job is hearing stories from donators. Why do they do it? What makes the library so important to them?

You may be asking if there is a way to help out the library that doesn’t require a larger donation or kicking the bucket. Well, are you in luck, because we have an amazing program that is driven by you! Yes, you! It is called “Reader’s Choice” and it is quite a simple process.

Do you have a favorite author? Do you want to make sure the library gets all the books they have written? You can sign up to be the author’s sponsor. All that means is that you will purchase the book at our discounted rate, we will put a plaque on the inside cover of the book saying it was from you, and you will be the first to read it. How cool is that? You can help out the library with a small donation, once or twice a year, and it guarantees that we will get the book you want. I currently sponsor J.K. Rowling, Rainbow Rowell, and Craig Johnson.

A lot of popular authors are spoken for, but there are way more out there that are not. If this sounds interesting to you, stop by the library and chat with me about it. I’ll give you a few more details and we can get you set up in no time.

Another great way to help out the library would be to work here. We currently have an opening for a part-time library assistant. We are offering $9 an hour with 7-12 hours per week. Be aware that this is for nights and weekends. Plus, you get the chance to work with me. How great is that?! No one? Okay. Stop by the library to get an application or email me at

The Friends of the Library Book Basket Silent Auction is just another amazing way to help us out. There are some amazing baskets up for auction so stop by to take a look. Bidding closes on Saturday, December 3rd at noon.

Just a reminder that we will not have any Take Two-sday movies this month. They will start back up in December. We will be closed on Thursday, November 24th, Friday, November 25th, and Saturday, November 26th, so get your Thanksgiving books before then.