Character Counts

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

With the school year in full gear and the hectic Iowa High School basketball and wrestling seasons upon us, we thought it timely to emphasize the values of character and sportsmanship for our student/athletes.

We ask our prep student/athletes to please remember and utilize the “Six Pillars of Character” that will help drive them to success in the athletic arena, the classroom, and their futures.

By adhering to these pillars, fewer students may be tempted to break laws, act out, violate trusts, and do stupid things out of character that prove disappointing and mortifying to their families.

These pillars are:

•Trustworthiness - Demonstrate integrity. Play by the spirit and letter of the rules. Don’t engage in or tolerate dishonesty, cheating, or dishonorable conduct.

•Respect - Treat the tradition of the sport and other participants with respect. Don’t participate in disrespectful conduct, including verbal abuse of opponents and officials. Win with grace and lose with dignity.

•Responsibility - Be a positive role model. Persevere. Keep on trying.

•Fairness - Adhere to high standards of fair play. Never take unfair advantage. Be open-minded.

•Caring - Be compassionate. Forgive others. Help people in need.

•Citizenship - Honor the rules and goals of the sport and academic pursuits. Follow all codes of conduct.

And, most importantly students, have fun when doing your very best in the athletic arena or the classroom. Keep in mind that you represent yourself, your family, your school, and your community everytime you step out of your house.