Hating what he can’t control

Monday, December 12, 2016

As default president-elect Donald Trump fearlessly continues storming the Bastille with hasty, eye-popping cabinet appointments, this unchained demagogue also continues eviserating the “national media” at every wretched turn of his vindictive screw.

To the sane among us, Trump revels in an adolescent persistence of finger painting the media as a nefarious bastion of fools out to get him when, in reality, it is he the fool beset with the delusion and paranoia of his own entitlement.

Unable to control or even cope with media who dare criticize him and his demonic ego, Trump defensively takes connived, below the belt jabs at all media with a pre-emptive strike in a painfully puny effort to invalidate reporters and editors so that hopefully their telling messages become perceived as tainted, doubted, or even falsified.

The depth and measure of this man can readily be unearthed by the reeking reneging of his many hollow threats and promises made on the campaign trail, like releasing his tax returns, never settling a lawsuit against Trump University, never seeking advice from President Obama, locking up Hillary, building a wall, blowing up Obama Care, banning Muslims, bombing the s-— out of ISIS, imposing tariffs on China, getting rid of NAFTA, huge tax cuts for the middle class, regaining out-sourced jobs, never missing another Iowa State Fair...blah-blah-blah...

And we had dinner with the Queen of England, your check’s in the mail, and you can have our front row tickets to Springsteen.

When the Emperor wears no clothes, he must foist his control over lesser beings to provide cover.

And as Trump has learned but does not have the necessities to accept, the media are no lesser beings.

And therein lies the rub.