Truth needs to be valued

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

People have always needed to be cautious in accepting information they receive, but the recent proliferation of fake news poses real danger. A report that a specific pizza parlor was the location of a child sex slave ring linked to Hillary Clinton motivated an armed man to enter the establishment and fire a gun in an effort at rescuing the non-existent victims.

That particular piece of sensational fiction presented as real news was only one of numerous such reprehensible internet posts. The fact that the Michael Flynn, nominated to serve as national security advisor, has trafficked in such fake news is disturbing, but more disturbing is the fact that president-elect Donald Trump has, on occasion, retweeted fake news. When challenged, Trump defensively claims that he cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of everything he retweets.

Yes, a person, especially someone holding high public office, must be held accountable for everything they say or pass along to the public.