The public has spoken

Friday, January 6, 2017

An unexpected and secret maneuver by U.S. House of Representative Republicans to end the independent nature of the Office of Congressional Ethics generated outrage among citizens when it was exposed.

Initially, there was an attempt to defend the action as an effort to restrain an out-of-control agency of vigilantes, the apparent predetermined tactic to spin the action as ethics reform.

However, the public was not buying that and any pretense of the maneuver being anything noble has been washed away by the outpouring of anger from the public.

President-elect Donald Trump has indicated that the talk about draining the swamp was empty rhetoric on his part. He has made appointments of billionaires, kept his personal finances secret to the extent he can, and insists that his massive conflicts of interests that are visible are no big deal.

However, it seems that his talk has inspired the public, both his supporters and opponents, to take the goal of ending corruption seriously. Public officials, including Trump, could face a demand for accountability that they would rather avoid.