The magic of love and touch

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Something wonderful happens when skin touches skin and people connect. People feel something. They express love, compassion, understanding and comfort through touch.

This is especially something to consider as Valentine’s Day arrives Tuesday and we “officially” express our love for our loved ones.

To feel loved and beautiful, human touch is essential. It evokes both an emotional desire and a fundamental physical need. The first sensory input in life comes from touch and continues to be the primary means for all of life's developmental stages, including those in our most intimate relationships. Touch is the moment in which one makes contact with another through the skin, the single largest receptor of sensual touch on the body. Yet when one thinks of touch, the skin is not the first thing that comes to mind. But all of that is about to change.

Every time a woman purchases a beauty product she is putting her faith in that product, most often in the cosmetic end result, but also in the emotional aspect. Skin that is softer and more beautiful is ultimately more touchable, so the physical and emotional benefits are very closely linked.

So how can we all enjoy and experience the power of touch in our lives? Here are a few easy tips on integrating touch in your life:

•Touch a Loved One. It need not be with an elaborate massage. A quick neck or shoulder rub helps us connect and achieve wellness.

•Care for Your Skin and Soul. The simple act of moisturization of your own body is not only good for your skin but relaxing as well.

•Talk and Touch. The French might be on to something. They touch each other in conversation way more than their American counterparts. Don't be afraid to touch an arm or shoulder when chatting. It is as effective as good eye contact when communicating with others.

•Share Your Touch...with the elderly, pets and your children. Gentle, casual touch is the glue that binds us as humans.

So go ahead and connect with touch. You never know...the favor might be returned more often than you expect.