Aw, shoot!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I sit in amazement listening to today’s know-it-all TV sports anchors and reporters pontificate on the sport of basketball while lacking the stones to ever criticize their NBA “pets.”

The NBA hot button of late is the fact the league’s two most glamorized teams - the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks ARE TERRIBLE!!

And the talking heads - most of them black - are too misguided, too slow on the draw, too willing to drink their anointed black superstars’ Kool-Aid, that they’re all missing the big picture.

The Lakers are terrible because they couldn’t attract any other big time players because their former superstar Kobe Bryant was a selfish, self-centered BALL HOG1

And the Knicks can’t can’t attract any other big time players because Carmello Anthony is a selfish, self-centered BALL HOG!

And the Oklahoma Cuty Thunder can’t attract any other big time players because Russell Westbrook is a selfish, self-centered BALL HOG!

these guys sometimes take as many as 35 or more shots in a single game which totals about half of those taken by their entire team!

Bryant and Westbrook play a guard position and bring the ball up court and their first, second and third options are themselves. Anthony is widely known as a “ball-stopper” which means when a teammate passes him the ball, he’s going to shoot it. End of story.

Wuth the millions of dollars out there for any NBA player in a starting lineup, a good or geat player wiould be foolish to risk his talent, playing time, and reputation playing “waterboy” to the anointed superstars like Bryant, Westbrook, and Anthony.

As much as it pains me to say it, LeBron James is a different cat and despite his ball-hogging nature - sees the big picture and “gets” the importance of incolving his teammates during a game. However, at crunch times, it’s his ball, everybody else get the hell out of the way. If you’re on LeBron’s team, you’re a role player. Nothing more.

In my many years of doing this, I’ve seen many high school ball hogs ruin their team’s chances and cost them loss after loss simply because they were selfish, me-first players with no regard to teammates, team play, coaches instructions, or wins or losses.

“As long as I get mine, Baby!”

I’ll never forget hearing a former Cherokee player chirp to the radio man immediately after a bitter, last-second loss at the buzzer, “I had a triple double!”

A triple double is double-figure points, rebounds and assists, and you can even factor in defensive steals to create a quadruple double. The fact his/her team lost a heart-brteaking game was secondary to the fact they had a great individual game.

We can thank players like Bryant, Westbrook, and Anthony, and a misguided parent or two, for kids feeling that way.

The basketball buzz words in today’s NBA and college world are “share the ball.”

The sooner players buy in to that, ther sooner success will come.

TEAM success. Not ME success.