Life’s a merry-go-round

Friday, March 17, 2017

For the many present and transplanted Cherokeans who through the years may have taken a spin on that trusty old merry-go-round in Cherokee’s Spring Lake Park, the news that this faithful servant of yesterday was plumb worn out and removed struck a chord of sadness in us all.

How many of us remember frolicking on that thing as cautious youngsters with mom and dad or big sister or brother turning it gently, or as heck-raising teens seeing who could make it goi the fastest while impressing the girls, or young and old lovers lolly-gagging and holding hands while slowly turning the merry-g-round with their feet and reminiscing or making plans for the future.

Sometimes, this grand old thrill spinning too fast for comfort cost riders bruises and abrasions and nauseating dizziness, and sometimes the bullies among us would tout their manhood by dominating “king of the mountain” games and throwing off all comers into the firt.

With today’s liability propensities and colorful playground systems in our parks, we see fewer and fewer “old-fashioned” merry-go-rounds.

And now, after 80 years of butts and boots and fun and challenge, that old Cherokee gem has given up the ghost and left a hole in the heart of Spring Lake Park.

And all we can say is, Thanks for the memories.