Spring is Here

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It’s Spring. I don’t care what the snow on the ground says, I don’t care what the calendar says, I don’t care what the weatherperson says. It’s Spring because I spent a weekend in shorts recently, so there. Indisputable proof of Spring.

With Spring, comes Spring Cleaning! While I was cleaning my cabinets, I grabbed the old newsletters on a whim. The newsletter started in April of 1990 and has been coming out monthly ever since. There were only a few months that were missed and that was mainly due to the building project in the late 90’s. Of course, as a child born in August 1992, I had to take a look at my birth month. Here’s what I found:

The Summer Reading Program was “Books ‘n’ Stones ‘n’ Dinosaur Bones” which is just a great name for a program. I, for one, LOVED dinosaurs and still do into my adult life. Of course, this was all before we discovered that dinos actually were more birdlike than we have previously thought, so everything is green and reptilian. I love it.

There is a little box in the corner talking about audio CASSETTES. As an audiobook lover, I’m glad it is on my birth newsletter. Also, can I just point out that I now listen to books without actually having a physical product now? I just put my phone in my cup holder and it gets broadcast from the cloud. Technology is so great. Sidebar: Before anyone asks, yes I know what cassettes are. I had a tape deck in my first car, a 1990 Dodge Spirit. Coincidentally, I had not tapes, so I bought a converter so I can plug in my iPod. The sentiment still stands.

My favorite part are the new books. There used to be column called “Judy’s Jabber”. It has a little bunny on it and it makes me smile. Anyway, this is where new books were listed. We purchased “Gerald’s Game” by Stephen King that month, which is really funny to me because my wife always complains about that book whenever I talk about King. The non-fiction titles really hit home, though. We’ve got: “I’m Dysfunctional, You’re Dysfunctional” (Not my family history), “A Brilliant Madness” (Not my autobiography), and “Rubbish!” (Not my memoir).

After reading the newsletter, I decided to put them all in binders and put them out for people to read. They weren’t doing much in my cabinet, except gathering dust. They will be in the Atrium by the Memorial books and will be available for you to look at when this goes to print. Hopefully, you can have a fun trip down memory lane with these.

Coming up at the library: On April 1st from 10:30-12, Gary Chase will be doing a woodworking demonstration for kids ages 5 and older! Bring the family, and make a cool note holder (It doesn’t sound exciting, but, believe me, it is pretty cool and handy).

On April 8th from 11-12:30, the first meeting of the Cherokee Public Library Gamer Brigade will happen in the activity room in the Children’s Department. Bring your handhelds or laptops, or play some games on the consoles we provide. Talk to Zach with any questions. Ages 10+.