Spring Lake Winery

Friday, March 24, 2017

A glass of Poo-no Noir

According to the Iowa DNR, a biodegradable grape additive applied to the ground is an effective means of getting rid of bothersome geese and their copious, messy droppings in Spring Lake Park.

The City of Cherokee has battled the growing geese population for many years, with little to no success as the migrating birds find the lake and this communuty a darn nice place to visit and put down uh...roots, among other things.

In the past, the City has considered oiling goose eggs, playing music, staking out barking dogs, fireworks, and several times staging a “shoot the bastards” weekend with special permits issued to area hunters.

All to no avail, until Parks personnel and the DNR hit on grapes, which obviously are a deterrent they’re taking a gander at.

We say, why not capitalize on this method and put a little money in the City coffers at the same time?

We encourage the City to establish a beautiful vineyard all around Spring Lake and to start making and selling our own wine. Think of the revenue! Wine, tourists, T-shirts, jewelry, key chains... Who wouldn’t be intrigued by “Spring Lake Winery.”

Think of the varieties we could offer - Yacht Club Cabernet, Mummert Merlot, Cannon Ball Bordeaux, Kooiker Chianti, Cherokee Chablis, Murphy Muscato, or Adamson Asti Spumante?

Too many geese.

Too much poo-poo.

Park visitors troubled.

City perplexed.

Solutions-oriented newspaper editor.

A vineyard.

Spring Lake Winery.

Geese go gaga.

Poo-poo go bye-bye.

Who’da thought?