Chuck it all, Chuck

Monday, May 1, 2017

We pity and struggle right along with Iowa U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley as he holds the party line and steadfastly defends and condones the irrational and deceitful misgivings of Republican President Donald Trump.

Oblivious to the fall-out of his devious ways and means, Trump time after time leaves his party slurping the partisan Kool-Aid despite the fact it may taste like Jed Clampett’s socks after a sweaty run in the muck to the moonshine still in the damp, musty woods.

Repeatedly, good old Chuck, Iowa’s beloved and seasoned Senator with a shining legacy built on bipartisan trust, honesty, compromise and decency, must bite the bullet, hold his nose, and turn grimace to grin as he alibis and shuffles in a lame effort to justify the musings of a President in over his head with an agenda that would run a Zombie’s mascara.

To get elected, Trump pledged, among many things, to release his tax returns, build a wall between Mexico and the U.S. amd make Mexixo pay for it, immediately replace Obamacare with a health care package “everyone will simply love,” end terrorism, and jail Hillary Clinton.

We’re not positive about this, but possibly somewhere along the line he also promised to make the Pope Methodist, open a Mormon Craft Brewery, annex North Korea and Pluto, knock out Connor McGregor, revive Michael Jackson, walk across the English Channel, move the White House to Florida, make daughter Ivanka Attorney General and Ambassador to Shangri-la, and fund a documentary on Black Lives Matter produced and narrated by David Duke.

And through it all, Chuck Grassley and all the Congressmen of his ilk, must feebly forage in futile fashion to forgive the Fool on the freakin’ Hill becasue inside the Beltway, that’s the way we always do business.