Proclamation by City of Cherokee in Observance of Prescription Drug Awareness Month

Monday, May 15, 2017

WHEREAS, while prescription drug addiction is a problem for all ages, almost 1 in 4 teens report having misused or abused prescription drugs at least once in their life; and WHEREAS, Prescription and over-the-counter drugs are the most commonly abused substances by teens, after marijuana and alcohol; WHEREAS, 80% of people who use heroin say they initially began using prescription painkillers recreationally; and WHEREAS, flushing these drugs is not good for wastewater treatment plants and places are now available to drop off these drugs; and WHEREAS, A "drug take back" box, sponsored by Cherokee Rotary, with signage donated by Pilot Rock-Signs, was installed in the parking lot of Cherokee County's Law Enforcement Center on April 30 and was full within a few days; and NOW BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED BY MAYOR MARK MURPHY AND THE CHEROKEE CITY COUNCIL, that the City of Cherokee hereby proclaims May 2017 as Prescription Drug Awareness Month in Cherokee, Iowa, and encourages all citizens to join the campaign.

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