Have a safe Independence Day

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We do not have a position on the change in Iowa law to allow greater access to fireworks, nor on the decision by the Cherokee City Council to pass an ordinance that will restrict use of fireworks inside the city limits.

Regardless of any ordinances in the community where you live, Iowans will likely have increased use of personal fireworks this year because of changes in Iowa law.

This necessitates greater need for safety awareness. Adults should exclusively set up and light the display fireworks.

Playing in an aggressive manner with such items as roman candles, bottle rockets and fire crackers should be emphatically forbidden.

A bucket of water and a first aid kit should be kept nearby for private celebrations involving fireworks displays.

Besides setting off fireworks, other activities related to summer celebrations should include safety awareness. Not only should drivers of vehicles remain sober and alert, operators of boats need to follow rules and make sure passengers also follow rules.

Be conscious of how long cooked foods and dishes prepared with normally refrigerated items remain at outside temperatures or room temperatures.

Donít let carelessness mar your celebration.