Don't ever forget our troops

Friday, July 7, 2017

As we all celebrated our liberty this Independence Day, we hope that each of us took note that it's the troops who gained that liberty for us in the American Revolution and it’s the troops who protect it for us today.

It is the troops, not the politicians, and not the courts, who then secured and today protect, your freedom.

Independence Day is a celebration of America's first military victory - an independence gained for all of us by George Washington's army assembled from amongst us, and we have ever since enjoyed the beneficial results of their actions.

Independence Day is not merely a party day in which we enter into some temporary mental euphoria of “feeling free.” It is a recognition of the hard work, self-reliance, self-determination, blood, sweat, and tears of the troops that it takes to gain and maintain a societal condition of many individual personal freedoms.

And just like George Washington and the Continental Army, our deployed neighbors even today leave their families at home and go around the world to many different places to look out for our liberties, livelihoods, and businesses.

And no matter where the troops are ordered to go, good Americans always stick up for the folks who stick up for them.

It's the simplest moral equation in the world. They Support Us - Let's Support Them!

There’s a war on. And each of us can answer this call to excellence in the way we best can. Everyone should step up and make the troops as proud of us as we are of them. Show them that we are worthy of their actions, -- that we are worth protecting.

Individuals and businesses – you can donate to troop support charities, and send care packages to deployed troops round the world. You can help with family needs and the funding of special summer camps for military kids here at home.

God bless our amazing troops and their families who have made all of our freedoms possible!