The joys of Summertime

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The summer is almost over. When I was a kid, this was the worst time ever. That meant I had to go back to school. I loved school, donít get me wrong, but I loved summer even more. Now, as an adult, it is still the worst time ever. That means all the kids who would come into the library to come play games, read books, or just chat with us will be going back to school soon. Soon, itíll be too quiet in the library again.

Donít despair, citizens of Cherokee, there is still some more summer left and weíve still got some great programs left for the summer. First off, this is the final week of Book Bingo. You must have your card turned in before or on July 31st in order to be eligible for the drawing! If you have a blackout, you will be entered to win a Kindle Fire but, if not, still turn in your card! You can be entered to win Bottomland by Michelle Hoover, the All-Iowa Reads for 2017. Make sure you tune into KCHEís ďWhatís Happening?Ē program, on Thursday, August 3rd to hear if you were the winner!

Book Bingo has been a blast for everyone. I have really enjoyed hearing people getting so involved with it and really going after it. People are reading books they never would have and that makes my librarian heart sing.

It should also be pointed out that, no, I did not get a black-out bingo. I blame CCT and their production of 'Little Women' (specifically, Andy Linn).

We slow down a bit in August for adult programming, but we still have our regular stand-bys happening all month! Sit and Stitch will meet on Mondays at 1, our Take Two-sday Movie will show at 1 on Tuesdays, and, of course, we have READit on Thursdays at 10 a.m. We are always looking for more people to join us for any of our programs!

I also want to do a quick shout out to all of our summer helpers for their help with our programming, with picture taking, with cleaning and mural painting, with sticker replacing, with EVERYTHING! You all rock! A huge shout out to the Sanford Museum and Planetarium for letting us use their facility (even though Steve Couch made a big mess). We canít wait to do it all again next year.

Just an FYI, we will be closing at 5 on Tuesday, August 1st for a staff meeting, so make sure you get in to get your items early!