Get On the Bus, Gus

Friday, August 18, 2017

As I forlornly watch my fellow men and fellow women dance the jig of the Politically Correct while slowly eradicating the proud and noble Cherokee Brave?s head from the halls and athletic teams of Washington High School, I ache for the ancient times when common sense and intestinal fortitude were coveted virtues and noQuietly, the past year or two, the noble Braves head has been removed from the cQuietly, the proud and noble Braves head has been removed from the Braves? football helmets, replaced by a frilly lance and feathers decal just like that of teams ranging from the Whiting Warriors, to the Florida State Seminoles, to the WasSay what? To the PC out there, do you mean that a deadly weapon (lance) used forRest assured, it won?t be long before the proud and noble Braves head is gone from all uniforms, the school?s letterheads and envelopes, the gymnasium wall, gamAnd, rest assured, it won?t be long before the word ?Braves? - like the word ?Bravettes? - meets the same fate, so everyone involved in this meaningless, aesthetic assassination can wash their hands like Pontius Pilot and sleep peacefully aOh, oh. This just in... Mother Nature is insisting that we do away with all athlAnd People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are insisting that we do away with all athletic teams? references, logos and decals pertaining to animalsThat means team references to animals, sun, storms, trees, mountains, oceans, laWhat? No more Storm Lake Tornadoes, Alta Cyclones, Albert City-Truesdale Hurricanes, Ames Little Cyclones, Sioux City North Stars or Iowa State University CycloAnd no more Aurelia Bulldogs, River Valley and South O?Brien Wolverines, Marcus-And no more Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, Minnesota Timberwolves, Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Tigers, Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears?

Just cut to the chase, and name our athletic teams 1 through infinity, A to Z, and by then maybe the PC practitioners and the lemmings who follow them will be so full of themselves with nothing to do that they?ll actually get a life and go away