Cherokee County gears up for vote

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Cherokee County Auditorís Office employees recently put voting machines through their paces.
Photo by Ken Ross

Among the duties of county auditors across Iowa is to serve as commissioner of elections. This is a duty that Cherokee County Auditor Kris Glienke takes seriously, as do Cherokee Auditor's Office employees Samantha Boothby, Stephanie Thill, Shelly Pick and Emily Heidesch.

In preparation for an election, the voting machines are checked and the press is invited to the checking of the voting machines.

The auditorís office recently conducted tests for the school board elections that will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 12. The automatic machines are designed to accept and record marked ballots that are inserted face down, face up, top first or bottom first. The machines reject ballots that are marked with too many names but do not reject ballots that have an undervote count, meaning that a voter does not have to provide a vote for every office available to be counted.

Ballots that are damaged or on the wrong paper stock are rejected. A rejected ballot is immediately identified and the voter has an opportunity to cast a new ballot.

There is also a ballot machine that makes it easier for visually or physically impaired voters to cast ballots.

ďWe want everybody to have their votes counted,Ē Glienke stated.

The Cherokee County Auditorís Office oversees school elections in the Cherokee, Aurelia and Marcus-Meriden-Cleghorn districts. If voters in both the Aurelia and Alta districts approve reorganization referendums on Sept. 12 ballots in both districts, future Alta-Aurelia elections will be overseen by the Buena Vista Auditorís Office.

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