Congratulations class of 17

Friday, September 22, 2017

The ACT test scores for the Washington High School seniors in the class of 2017 had a significantly higher average than the statewide average in all four areas of testing - English, Mathematics, Reading and Science.

The composite score of 23.3 compares to a statewide composite of 21.9 for the year.

ACT is a college readiness assessment test, required by many four-year colleges across the country for entry, with other four-year colleges requiring or accepting SAT scores.

Most community colleges conduct placement tests on their own rather than using national tests. Not all seniors take the ACT. Of the 61 WHS seniors in the class of 2017, 41 took the ACT.

The ACT test scores in this class were presented at the Sept. 18 Cherokee School Board meeting.

We must make a cautionary note about reading too much into the test scores from a single year. A test sample of 41 subjects is too small to make statistically significant conclusions.

Statistics from that sample size will naturally fluctuate from year to year and can be skewed by a few struggling students or a few exceptional students.

The fact that the WHS class of 2017 had a 2.2 point higher composite than the class of 2016 does not establish that the two classes had a substantially different K-12 educational experience.

Still, even with such qualifiers, the students and staff are justified in taking pride in the test results.