Ross Rambles on

Friday, October 6, 2017

We lost a real newspaper trouper this week when Ken Ross, our devoted reporter and man about town, died unexpectedly Saturday of lingering heart issues.

Beyond the journalistic skills he displayed every day, Kind Ken was a dear friend to all who knew him. He was a gentle, genuine gentleman who listened first, formed accurate and logical thoughts, and talked later.

Ken Ross, a very private man snug in his own skin, did his homework. He was well-read and had a passion for city and county government, education, and global politics. His weekly column, “Ross Rambles” was well-received by our readers and his unique, incredible wit simply a cut above all others.

Ken firmly believed in telling his stories straight - no flowery speech, or fancy adjectives, or hip buzz words. When one writer might say “The stunning beauty of the young lass strolling in the meadow was amplified by the setting sun,” Ken Ross would say, “There’s a pretty girl out in that field at dusk.”

Same message. Same description. But to Ken Ross it was all about delivering the information with no fuss. Break down the complex, inform and educate the reader. Be concise and get it right. There’s a deadline to meet.

A prison guard with a little California hippie mixed in his early adult life, Ken migrated to journalism because he realized he had “The Knack” all great writers and thinkers have.

Working side-by-side with him for more than 25 years, we involved in Cherokee newspapers welcomed Ken and his “Knack” with open arms, and we will miss him terribly for his work ethic, journalistic skills, and gentle nature that endeared him to all who knew him.

Ken lived in several places before his journey brought him to what he called his home town of Cherokee - a town and people he grew to love, and who loved him back.

Rest in peace, Ken. Your time had come. And we’ll forever remember sharing our time with you.