Happiness not for sale

Friday, October 13, 2017

As authorities scramble in futility to find a motive of the demonic Las Vegas shooter who killed 58 innocent victims at a country music concert, we offer a rather simple motive - maybe the demented schmuck just didnít like to see happy people having fun.

From all reports, this guy was as narcissitic as could possibly be. He had millions, gambled, golfed, and partied. Every day was Saturday night.

He had a beautiful girlfriend, two homes, no family obligations, lodged in the finest resorts and hotels, and obviously conned any friends by concealing his demons within.

We all have known people who simply canít accept other people being happy. These people are sinister and evil, and when they look in the mirror or contemplate their being, theyíre overwhelmed with guilt, jealousy, and a sick yearning for vengeance on all the happy people.

So this miserable Paddock guy forms his diabolical plan, has the wherewithall to carry it out, and by God shows all those happy people the price they must pay for having joy in their lives that he couldnít find, couldnít buy, couldnít imagine, and didnít deserve.

And, hollow inside, he blows a hole this big in our lives, our joys, our humanity, and our society.

And then. like cowards do, he offs himself when the courageous among us storm his bastille.

And the family staged a funeral and nobody showed. Not even the minister.

Good riddance, you #@*^#*!

You happy now, Bucko?