Community responds to losing Ike

Friday, October 20, 2017

We share in the grieving process underway at the Cherokee Police Department with the sad news that beloved Ike, the CPD drug detection dog, has terminal cancer and just a few more weeks to live.

While we grieve with the dedicated CPD officers and staff, we laud the Department and Police Chief Nate James for pursuing the process to replace Ike with a new K-9 dog, hopefully to be paid for through community donations, as such unforeseen tragedies are seldom budgeted for.

And, as usual, the wonderful people who are the fabric of this town’s incomparable tapestry, have once again stepped forward with monetary donations to help defray the cost for a replacement dog - estimated at $8,500.

Also sadly, law enforcement needs drug dogs, we need drug dogs, to help our devoted officers fight the never-ebding battle against drugs - the No. 1 demon befalling our youths in all walks if life.

We have no doubt sufficient funds will be raised to purchase a new CPD K-9 because that’s what this community achieves when called upon.

God bless the CPD and all law enforcement. And God bless those who donated and for realizing the importance of a new dog walking in Ike’s footsteps.