What gives in Woodbury County?

Monday, October 23, 2017

Something appears to be left unsaid and dare we say borders on nefarious in Woodbury Countyís persistence to not only leave the Sioux Rivers Regional Mental Health and Disability Service group, but also calling for its total dissolution.

The original county lineup for Sioux Rivers officially established by the State in July 2014 included Woodbury, Plymouth, Sioux, and Cherokee counties. However, after evaluating its participation and seeking a better option, Cherokee County dropped out and joined forces with the six-county Rolling Hills Community Services Region after that group accepted Cherokee County into the fold.

The Rolling Hills group consists of Buena Vista, Sac, Ida, Calhoun, Crawford, Carroll, and Cherokee counties.

Since its inception, the Sioux Rivers groupís Chair is from Sioux County, with each member county having equal representation. For several months, Woodbury County has publicly voiced its displeasure of the Sioux Rivers operation.

As Woodbury County proceeds with its effort to leave Sioux Rivers and admittedly negotiate to join Rolling Hills, it is highly conceivable that Rollung Hills may not welcome that 500-pound gorilla that may not always play nice or practice the art of compromise.

With a 2016 population of 102,779, Woodbury County is larger than all existing seven counties in Rolling Hills. For comparison, Cherokee totals 11,508; BV 20,332; Ida 6,985; Sac 9,876; Crawford 16,940; and Carroll 20,437 for a total of 86,078. In Sioux Rivers, Plymouth totals 25.200, and Sioux 34,898.

There may be untold viable reasons for Woodbury Countyís actions, but to us it smacks of being a bully and taking your ball and going home simply to break up the game.

And mental health care for the needy is certainly no game.