Please pay attention, voters

Friday, October 27, 2017

It is positive and healthy for this community to have four candidates running for Mayor in the Nov. 7 City Election.

All four men are Cherokee natives and Washington High School graduates who should have knowledge of ,and a grasp of,r the history of this town they wish to lead into the future of the unknown as the current world turns.

It is incredibly vital that voters choose the appropriate candidate who will then serve at least one four-year term while hopefully working diligently, efficiently, and compassionately with our City Administrator, Clerk, Attorney, and all municipal department heads, including the Chief of Police.

Being Cherokee Mayor is not about being a politician or micromanager, or slurping the Kool Aid poured by your buddies or those subscribing blindly to your hidden agendas. Being Cherokee Mayor is about watching, listening and learning while absorbing the advice and input proffered by citizens, Administrator, Clerk, Attorney, fellow Council members, and municipal department heads, all of whom know a hell of a lot more than you about their day-to-day operations and dedication to the respective tasks at hand.

We caution our next Mayor to know his lane and stay in it as he works with all others involved in City government. You will be Mayor, not King; in actuality a compatriot with the gavel to those charged with operating the city.

Like all communities, this city and its citizens do not deserve and have no use for hot-headed wannabes, pouting axe-grinders, or inexperienced do-gooders, each desperately laboring to put a glow on a drab resume’ first, and serving the citizens second.

Voters, you get one shot at this. Go to the polls and choose wisely.