Thank you, Mayor Murphy

Friday, November 10, 2017

We applaud and thank outgoing Cherokee Mayor Mark Murphy for his eight years (two terms) of steadfast service to this City and community.

A Cherokee native who came back home in his adult life relatively inexperienced in the goings-on of local government, Murphy proved to be a quick study with great perception and an innate ability to grasp the complex and proceed with caution while relying on input from Council members, former City Administrator Don Eikmeier, and current Administrator Sam Kooiker.

A positive strength of Murphy was a quick trigger on bringing down the gavel at Council meetings whenever he witnessed or sensed things zooming out of control, or an irate citizen crossing the line while raising an issue with City Hall. Time and again, he then quickly offered options for a solution that usually pacified those involved.

Murphy also knew his lane and stayed there when fielding a complex matter, relying upon the expertise of the Administrator, City Attorney, and Council members.

One of the greatest attributes those in public service can possess is admitting when they don’t have the answer, and then taking the pains to go find it. Murphy did that.

Like most other rural towns, serving as Mayor of Cherokee is largely ceremonial, although the Mayor does facilitate the Council meetings and makes various City appointments pending final Council approval.

The personable Murphy also persisted in “letting the ponies run,” trusting all municipal employees and department heads to do their jobs without interference, unless there was a problem to be dealt with. And then he communicated with the Administrator and Council members to chart an appropriate course of action.

Sound, fair governance is all we ever can ask of our public officials.

And Mark Murphy delivered.