Itís my privilege, isnít it?

Monday, November 13, 2017

We were both amused and concerned last week after hearing Cherokee County voting poll workers tell of the many people living outside the city limits who showed up to vote in the Nov. 7 City Elections.

According to poll workers, some people were embarrassed when told of their gaffe, others laughed at themselves and quickly exited, others were upset they couldnít vote, and still others didnít understand or refused to accept the fact they couldnít vote.

Folks, thanks for your interest in City government that was perhaps piqued by the Chronicle Times ample coverage of the 4-person Mayorís race in Cherokee that prompted a rare 40-percent turnout.

But...you live out of town! City Elections are for voters who reside in that City...from City limit to City limit. Not only does the buck stop there, but so do municipal utilities and other infrastructure, along with your property tax obligations.

If you insist on voting in a municipal election, join the paty and move INTO town. You canít have it both ways.

Poll wirkers said most of the wannabee voters simply misunderstood. They were operating under the concept that an election is an election and were simply adhering to their inalienable rights as we all should in a democracy.

However, If you want to listen to the music, you have to pay the band.